How a Few Simple Additions to Your Diet can End Premature Ejaculation Forever

Believe it or not, as a man, what you eat at the dinner table can have a significant effect on how well you can perform in the sack and satisfy your woman.  The measure of your stamina, the quality of your sexual actions and even the strength and reliability of your erections are all, to some degree or another, affected by the foods you eat.  Premature ejaculation especially is a troubling condition in many men that can be managed to a surprising degree simply by adding certain foods and supplements to your diet.  Even disregarding the possible emotional and mental components of this issue, these factors alone can help turn things around in a positive direction with impressive speed.

So how does a guy put on a powerful sexual performance with only a simple change in diet for help?…

Four Sexual Super-Foods That Can Control Premature Ejaculation

The following dietary items all contain various elements that are shown to support critical biological factors which men rely on during lovemaking:

1. Mucuna pruriens (cowhage). This herb, also known by the name velvet bean, has been employed in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.  It acts to overcome premature ejaculation by raising dopamine levels in the brain.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes enjoyment and interest in life, and is actually a recognized aphrodisiac to some extent.  Elevated dopamine makes those pleasure-laden impulses that we feel during sex much more tolerable, but without causing loss of control of the orgasmic reflex itself. Mucuna pruriens has also been shown to improve semen quality and raise ejaculate volume, which is pretty cool.  It’s a true “pleasure supplement” that actually gives you MORE control over premature ejaculation!  You can get mucuna pruriens in a formulation called ‘DOPA Mucuna’ from GNC right here (this blend contains 15% L-DOPA — the immediate precursor of dopamine).

2. Asparagus. Yes that’s right, good ol’ asparagus.  This common vegetable is not all that well known for its ability to enhance a man’s overall sexual prowess, yet that’s EXACTLY what it does.  Researchers believe its beneficial sex-supportive effects result from it’s high iodine and vitamin-E content — which together work to enhance the production of key male sex hormones, in particular, testosterone.  This of course is great news for your muscle-building efforts as well.  So next time you’re at the grocery store, go ahead and grab a fresh bundle and steam some up for yourself.

Learn more natural methods to raise your testosterone here

3. Winter cherry. Also known as Indian Ginseng, here is another herb that has been utilized to treat premature ejaculation for centuries.  Winter cherry promotes emotional balance and is great for stress reduction.  It acts to lessen the kind of fear-based anxieties that can contribute to premature ejaculation.  Here’s a source where you can learn more

4. Our final male “superfood” is the ordinary blueberry. The blueberry has been referred to as nature’s ‘REAL little blue pill’ because of its remarkable erectile-supporting properties similar to (although not as fast-acting) as the drug Viagra.  Unlike Viagra however, blueberries don’t require a prescription and have none of the troubling side-effects such as headaches and blurred vision which the Big V can cause.  The secret behind blueberries lies in compounds that relax blood vessels in the penis.  These arteries need to relax (not constrict!) at the proper time in order to provoke an erection — which may seem counter-intuitive if you didn’t know this, but it’s true.  That’s why being nervous or scared can inhibit an erection… due to the constrictive physical tension that it creates.  Relaxation of this tension helps to likewise control the ticklish buildup which can result in the trigger-happy twitchiness that ends in premature ejaculation.

To harness the power of this sexual uber-food, pop a handful of blueberries into a fruit smoothie a few times a week.  Blueberry yogurt is an alternative, but fresh or frozen blueberries are the best.

Premature Ejaculation Can Be Overcome!

Remember, these special foods and supplements combined with a generally healthy lifestyle and a little stress management can make you as powerful between the sheets as you are in the gym.  With the added application of sexual stamina-building exercises such as PC-muscle flexing (PuboCoccygeus – the lower abdominal muscle used to hold back urination), you can further train yourself to last for 10, 15, 20 or, quite frankly… ANY number of minutes that you’d like to during intercourse.

Your woman will be thrilled!

Here are a few good systems for PE control that you may want to take a look at:

Ejaculation By Command
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Lloyd Lester is an expert on the subject of treating premature ejaculation with the use of all-natural methods.  He is the author of the highly-acclaimed Ejaculation By Command PE training program, which guarantees immediate results by using a combination of sexually-focused exercises, dietary adjustments and supplementation, and some clever mental trickery to rid men of the curse of premature ejaculation permanently:

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Matt is a sex educator and creator of the Ejaculation Trainer who claims that beating premature ejaculation is actually a simple 3 step process that involves: mental reframing, male hormone regulation, and physical control.  Once you’ve gone through Matt’s training, you can expect to last through at least 20 minutes of hard pumping with no problem… some of his clients report being able to make love for over an hour!

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